New! Pervasive PSQL v11

Pervasive PSQL v11 is the perfect database for small to midsized businesses. It's been refined with over 27 years of focus on the issues that are key to the SMB: delivering consistently superb application performance, long term reliable operation without requiring a database administrator, self tuning and self optimizing, simple, fast (and sometimes completely invisible) installation, easy upgrades and years of backward compatibility.

Pervasive v11 Client Server Edition is now available for:

The Workgroup licensing has been amended.  Single workstation licenses can no longer be stacked.

The following workgroup products are available:

*  Standalone Workgroup Licenses are for a single user with no        file-sharing.

**Peer-to-Peer Workgroup Licenses are for a 3 or 5 user with file-sharing.

***Additional licenses require the purchase of a User Count Increase in order to be stacked.  In this way, licenses are stackable up to five users.

Workgroup Deployment Licenses are available in packs of 25 users, 100 users, 1000 users and Unlimited users.  All peer-to-peer.