Serial Tracking

Serial Tracking allows you to track serialized items from the time they are received by means of a GRN or supplier invoice through invoicing to a customer, issuing of a credit note or returned to the supplier. 

The system is multi-store enabled so you can transfer serialized items from one store to another. 

The system allows the user to create all the normal customer and supplier documents without switching between Serial Tracker and Pastel.  It allows for fast searches and re-printing of any document and provide for user friendly screens to search for inventory items, whether serialized or not. 

A history is kept of all serialized items sold, to whom, when and on which document.  This is useful in dealing with customer queries or to track the warranty period of sold items. 

The system is flexible enough to deal with situations where you have one serial number for each individual item or where you have multiple quantities per serial number i.e. in the pharmaceutical, paint or chemical industries. 

Besides capturing the serial numbers you can also capture additional information such as the expiry date, length, width or thickness of each item. 

Once serial numbers are captured there are easy search facilities that allows you to search for specific serial numbers.  Where the items are located, who it has been sold to, when and on which invoice number.

If you make use of the multi-store facility you can even transfer individual serialized items from one store to another.

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Job Cards

The software also caters for call logging whereby job cards can be created for the repair and service of items.  At the time of logging a call you can allocate the job to a technician and once the job has been finished you can invoice the customer directly from the job card screen. 

All items invoiced against a job card is recorded and if the item serviced is a serialized item you can print a job card history for that item detailing all the work previously done to that item. 

The outstanding jobs report provides the service manager with a quick view of what is outstanding and for how long.  There is also a report available that details the number of jobs completed per technician over a specified period.

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Customer Contracts

If you provide a service to your customers that require those customers to be invoiced on either a monthly, quarterly or annual basis the system allows you to capture these customer contracts. 

This facility was originally designed for the photocopier industry where customers are either charged rental, service, insurance or per copy charges.  You can however use these fields for any charges that you might want to charge on a regular basis. 

The customer contracts facility also allows for escalation percentages, specifying the escalation month per contract and specifying the invoicing interval per charge.  You can therefore have an annual service charge but have monthly copy charges.

Linked to the customer contracts is a facility to capture the variable quantity that the customer must be charged for.  In the case of the photocopier industry customers will be charged a monthly variable amount based on the number of copies that were made.

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Other features

The system was designed in such a way that the user does not have to switch between our software and Pastel Accounting to do their work.  Very few users are responsible for cashbook and general ledger entries and their main focus areas are on quotations, sales orders, stock receipting and other documents.  All of this is catered for in our software. 

Furthermore our software allows for the reprinting, or mailing of any document, fast searches on stock items to determine inventory levels and inventory location.  Inventory transfers from one store to another are also allowed for from our software and you can even create or edit new stock items or customer accounts. 

Our software provides for a number of customized reports that are not found in Pastel Accounting.

Serial Tracker interfaces with either Pastel Accounting version 6 or 7.  The interface is in real time, which means that no import or export of data is required.  When you create a document in Serial Tracker that information is immediately visible in Pastel Accounting and vice versa.

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One of the main benefits of our software is that it can be customized to suit any unique requirement.  We have added numerous features based on customer requests and have designed our software is such a way that different features are available for different customers. 

Our product features are continually growing.  We cater for barcode scanning, the printing of barcode labels, e-mailing of customer statements in PDF format and many more. 

We even cater for point-of-sale sales and allow sales to any debtor account and the payment of accounts at point-of-sales.

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All electronic support is free.  The software has been deployed for approximately 2 years and is bug free, fast, easy to install and easy to learn.  Because the screen layouts and functions are similar to that of Pastel Accounting there is hardly any learning curve.   Complete help files are installed with the application. 

If the software is correctly installed your workstations will automatically be updated once a new version is e-mailed to you.  That means you never have to worry whether some users are working on an older version of the software, or walk from machine to machine to install the software.

All our applications are available as trial versions, so you can try before you buy.  Visit our Downloads page for your own trial version.

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