Pervasive PSQL v11 Key Features

Cross platform support 

Cross platform support enables development and deployment on multiple platforms, including 32-bit and 64-bit Windows, Linux and NetWare.

         Binary compatibility among different platforms allows you to freely move your database from one operating system to another.

         A common API for all engine platforms, providing your application a single code base and enabling you to port it without rewriting any code.

         Multiple platform deployment capability allows you to write your application once, and then deploy it anywhere.

Robust Developer Tools and Support

An integrated application development environment provides you with the right tools to meet the demands of today's fast-changing business environment.

         WYSiWYG development tools and complete SDK.

         Flexible architecture. Pervasive PSQL provides you with the performance of transactional data access and the flexibility of relational access through a SQL engine delivering high-speed access to your data across all relational data access methods (ODBC, JDBC, OLE DB, etc.)

         Support for widely used development environments, such as .NET 2.0, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Delphi and Java.

         ActiveX controls.

         Pure Java interface

         DevTalk - Pervasive's Developer Forum

         Pervasive PSQL Online Knowledge Base

         Full installation Toolkit - Allows transparent deployment of the database engine as part of the business application.

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Maintenance-free operations

Maintenance-free operations guarantee that you will focus on meeting your business objectives rather than on downtime and rework. 

         Archival and transaction logging, eliminating typical time-consuming tracking tasks.

         Dynamic cache operations, instantaneous file allocations, and index balancing, ensuring optimal performance without manual intervention.

         Pervasive System Analyzer eliminates deployment issues related to component management.

         Auto-Reconnect technology avoids minor networking issues by seamlessly reconnecting workstations to a server engine in case of a network error.

         Server/Requester version independence dramatically simplifies your deployment.

         Cross-platform dynamic parameters eliminates the need to remaster the database environment from platform to platform.

         Support for backward compatibility to your legacy applications and databases.

Flexible Deployement and Great Scalability

Pervasive PSQL can scale from the desktop to high-performance servers capable of supporting high-volume environments.

         Fast access to your data via our high-performance transactional Btrieve data access.

         Migration from workstation to workgroup client/server without application code changes.

         Data safety and recovery features guarantee that your critical data is always available.

         Continuous operations mean that you can back up files while they are in use by an application.

         Complete transaction processing and recovery enables the user to easily recover changes made to a data file between the time of the last backup and a system failure.

         Transaction durability, guaranteeing the integrity of your database.

Security Solutions

Pervasive Security Solutions provide an additional level of reliability and security.

         AuditMaster - Compliancy and auditing.  Know who's doing what to your data when, where and how.

         Backup Agnet - Works with third-party software to ensure accurate, reliable point-in-time recovery for partial or complete backups.

         DataExchange - Real-time backup and multi-database synchronisation.  
Keep your data secure and organised across all PSQL databases.

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