Pervasive Software - Powering Tomorrow's Success Today

Pervasive v11 allows you to adopt the latest technologies while maintaining application compatibility and 100% reliability in a near-zero database administrative environment.  Experience what millions of users have learned - Pervasive is the database of choice.

Changing technology is a given - we're here to make it as easy as possible.

Pervasive data management infrastructure software powers the success of application developers building mission-critical software applications around the globe.  With 5 200 000+ server seats deployed and partnerships with over 10 000 independent software vendors, value-added resellers and systems integrators, who sell onto more than 150 countries, Pervasive is relied upon by thousands worldwide to provide the solutions they need to be successful.

Pervasive offers their customers a line of secure data management products, which, combined with their experience and customer focus, enables the development of applications which securely manage, move, find and analyze data:

         The flagship database engine, Pervasive.SQL combines performance, embeddability and low total cost of ownership into a secure, flexible and scalable engine.  Embeddable with a small footprint, it requires minimal maintenance while bringing enterprise-level performance with enhanced search capabilities to the business environment.

         With an eye to the future as the global leader of data management solutions, Pervasive delivers on their promise to power your success.

Read the Pervasive PSQL v11 Product Sheet

Pervasive Software - Strengths

Pervasive has a strong value proposition that is based on six fundamental concepts:

         Performance.  Pervasive has earned a reputation for providing the industry's fastest data access methods.

         Security.  The product line represents the next wave in data security.

         Ease of embedding.  Pervasive's offerings have a small footprint and allows for the support of leading development environments and application programming interfaces (API's).

         Reliability.  Pervasive delivers unwavering dependability for environments ranging from the simple to the complex.

         Scalability.  From the individual to the enterprise, one code base addresses the entire product family.

         Simplicity.  The customer experience is enhanced through seamless installation, low support costs and virtually no maintenance.


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