Cosmos - Unleashing the Value of Data

Introducing Pervasive Cosmos

Welcome to Pervasive Cosmos, a comprehensive and entirely configurable design and execution environment.  Cosmos gives you the tools and solutions that enable you to create and manage the fundamental data integration tasks that assist your business, regardless of size, in solving today's complex integration challenges.  Covering both the ETL and EAI solutions space, Cosmos provides unmatched strength in connectivity, data mapping and transformation, standards support, and management of integration process flow.

Cosmos View of Integration

  • Lowest-cost integration solutions: you select the designers, connectors and runtime configurations that match your requirements - no "high-cost extras" are required.

  • Use one multipurpose tool set that scales from the smallest data extraction task to the largest integration project.

  • Quickly solve tactical integration problems between applications, customers and partners with this easy-to-build, quick-to-deploy integration solution.

  • Engage new business necessities and opportunities with one tool set and one knowledge base that is maintained by your IT staff for every integration project.

  • Build a scalable and pragmatic integration infrastructure that grows with your requirements but does not exceed them.

  • Extend the life of your existing packaged and legacy applications by allowing them to interface with new Internet technologies and dissimilar applications.

  • Minimize your investment risk and increase the business benefit of integrating systems through a lower total cost of implementation and total cost of ownership.

  • Enable EAI investments and accelerate their implementation time with quick-hitting, adaptable and easier to deploy solutions built with low-cost Cosmos functionality.

A Sampling of Functionality Cosmos Provides

  • Native connectivity to a very wide range of data formats (over 180 of them), complex XML data structures, transports, and applications so that one tool set can work to integrate all systems within your organization.

  • A unique data mapping and transformation model that offers unparalleled flexibility and strength so that any data, no matter how complex, can be visually transformed into the output desires while absolutely minimizing need for manual code writing.

  • Support for a multitude of integration technologies such as workflow, message middleware, content-based routing, Web services, industry standards and much more.

  • Decentralized, cross-platform, configurable Integration Engines; distribute globally and administer remotely; event and process flow processing; high-speed parallel data flow processing; all-in-one code base that is customizable and will scale to meet all of your processing requirements.

  • Reuse and sharing theme of integration components between processes and other applications minimizes development time, resulting in rapid implementation of new processes and easing overall maintenance.

Components of Pervasive Cosmos

  • Integration Architect - A configurable integrated development environment (IDE) for visually creating, testing and packaging integration processes.

  • Integration Repository - An open XML-based repository for housing and managing all integration design specifications. 

  • Integration Engines & Wrappers, Connectors and Plug-ins - Deploy integration processes for automation to multipurpose, high-performance Integration Engines that are configurable to match your production environment.

Integrate any data with more than 100 native connectors.