Pervasive PSQL SDK (Software Development Kit) Components and Interfaces

Pervasive PSQL includes all the components, controls, and interfaces you need to develop full-featured applications that leverage the power of Pervasive PSQL.

  • JDBC and Java-class libraries for developers working with portable applications.

  • ActiveX for rapid application development in Visual Basic.

  • ODBC interface connecting you to a variety of third-party development tools.

  • OLE DB for tight integration with ADO and Visual Studio.

  • Delphi/C++ Builder interface providing a Visual Component library to speed database development.

  • PDAC direct access components for the Delphi/C++ Builder environments.

  • Btrieve native interface for low level direct access to the database.

  • Distributed Tuning Interface (DTI).  When implemented as a 32-bit or 64-bit DLL, DTI provides the developer with an API level integration with the Pervasive PSQL database engine, including:-

  • Connection - start and stop Pervasive PSQL services on remote servers

  • Configuration - Access to database engine settings.  

  • Monitoring - Returns engine statistics and resource usage, such as the files open on a server or the clients currently connected to it.

  • Cataloging - Manage database schema and dictionary information such as database names, table names, and table properties, data dictionary information and to drop and create tables and dictionaries.  

  • Code samples, snippets, and tutorials have been updated to illustrate the functionality and flexibility of all interfaces and components to help you start producing full featured applications quickly and efficiently.

Development environments

Pervasive is committed to supporting all popular, industry leading development environments.  

  • Java


  • Delphi/C++ Builder

  • Visual BASIC

  • C +


  • Pascal

  • PowerBuilder (through ODBC)

  • Fox Pro (through ODBC)

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