Pervasive Backup Agent

Sample Scenario:



...the server for a company's database goes down.  When it's brought back online, the IT Manager inserts the tape from the previous night's backup to restore the data.  Problem: the data captured during the backup is corrupt and worthless.  Sadly, this scenario is played out daily in companies just like yours.  Invoices, payroll, healthcare information, financials...ask yourself: what is business continuity worth?


  • Backup operating databases
  • Fast...Simple...Easy
  • File Integrity
  • Consistent data set
  • Complements existing backup solutions

Challenges of a reliable Database Backup

To make a successful database backup, whether to tape, disk, or optical media, you must ensure two things.  First, that the individual data files are internally readable and reliable, which ensures file integrity.  Second, that the backup database is identical to the original dataset, so that the backed up file preserves database consistency.  Managing this in today's business environment, where applications and databases must be constantly available and serving tens, hundreds, or even thousands of users, is a difficult task.

What's needed is a backup product with intimate knowledge of the database that ensures the above items.  A product that enforces database-wide consistency.  A product that enables file integrity.  A product that manages this without administrative overhead.

Pervasive has delivered a solution to these complex needs.  Pervasive Backup Agent is the easiest way to a consistent dataset during Pervasive.SQL database backups.  Backup agent intelligently manages a Pervasive.SQL database engine during a backup process to ensure a reliable backup.  Backup Agent sees that Pervasive.SQL database files that are changed while it is running will not impact your backup.

Pervasive.SQL Continuous Operations

The Pervasive.SQL database engine supports continuous operations, a special mode that allows you to backup a data file while it is open and in use.  The database engine opens a file in read-only mode to allow backup utilities to access the file's static image.  The database engine stores changes to the original file in a temporary file called a delta file.  When the backup is complete, the database engine automatically updates the original file with the changes stored in the delta file and deletes the delta file as soon as all applications close the data file.  The fact that the file is in continuous operations is invisible to applications and users.

Intelligent Continuous Operations Management

Backup Agent implements intelligent continuous operations management.  It automatically places files that are opened during a backup session into continuous operations.  Therefore,  users or administrators do not have to maintain lists of files that are to be backed up (no more butil -startbu scripts to get out of date).  Further, files that are not opened by user actions during a backup session will not be put into continuous operations, so they will not have their modified date stamp changed.  This reduces the amount of data that must be backed up when performing incremental or differential backups.

Zero Administration

Pervasive Backup Agent is a true zero administration product.  Simply install it on the server with your Pervasive.SQL database and put it to work.

Backing up Databases with Backup Agent

There are no configuration settings, and an administrator is not needed. In fact, if there is a server crash during a backup session, the Backup Agent will automatically roll in changes from the delta files to the data files.

Easy to Use

Pervasive Backup Agent can be activated in three user-friendly ways, depending on your mode of use.

Graphically through the Backup Agent GUI.

This is ideal for ad-hoc backups. Starting Pervasive Backup Agent from its GUI before your backup will place the Pervasive.SQL database in backup mode. When the backup is complete, stopping Backup Agent will return the database to normal operations.

Scripted from a command line.

This is ideal for integrating with an existing backup solution. Add Pervasive Backup Agent start and stop commands to your backup software’s pre and post commands. Your backup jobs will then automatically call Backup Agent at the appropriate times, guaranteeing consistent and reliable Pervasive.SQL database backups for your regularly scheduled backup jobs.

Embedded in an application. 

Pervasive Backup Agent exposes an API. For application developers, this can assist your users in protecting their data. By integrating Backup Agent directly into applications, you can provide the highest level of backup data assurance.

Easy to Deploy

Pervasive Backup Agent complements 3rd party backup products. The diagram illustrates a typical Backup Agent deployment environment. Client applications access the Pervasive.SQL database engine as usual. Backup Agent communicates with both the Pervasive.SQL database engine and the third party backup software. The backup software sends start and stop backup commands to Backup Agent. Backup Agent controls continuous operations for Pervasive.SQL data files, resulting in the backup copying only clean and consistent Pervasive.SQL data files.

Protect Your Data Now 

Pervasive Backup Agent is the simplest way to manage database operations during data backups. Backup Agent provides complete database protection.

Supported Platforms

  • Windows NT 4.0 SP6 or higher
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows 2003
  • Linux (Kernel 2.4 or higher)

Supported Databases

  • Pervasive.SQL Server V8.1 or higher