Pervasive AuditmasterTMOverview

Know who's doing what to your data when, where and how with the transaction intelligence and proactive monitoring capabilities of Pervasive AuditMaster.

Applications and databases have long relied on access controls to enforce security.  These techniques are effective at keeping out unauthorized users.

But what about authorized users? 

Data access controls count on authorized users to be well trained and honest - but not everyone is.  If you're counting on access controls to safeguard your data, you're counting on disaster, as recent trends across many industries illustrate.

You need to know who's doing what to your data when, where and how.  You need accountability.  You need Pervasive AuditMaster.

Improve Customer Support

End-user technical support is a tough task.  Support staff rarely has enough information to quickly diagnose the source of data problems, especially if it is due to user error.

Pervasive Auditmaster provides a complete solution to meet the need for comprehensive monitoring and database-level debugging of applications built on Pervasive.SQL.  Pervasive AuditMaster can reduce customer support costs by increasing the speed and accuracy of problem diagnosis, protecting against automatic blame and safeguarding credibility.

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Reduce Fraud

Fraud often turns on the fact that those who commit it have been given authority to access data to do their normally assigned work.  Thus, the challenge is to detect work that they have "assigned themselves," such as accessing the payables database while checks are being run.  In these cases, how long might it take to discover the redirection of funds?

Pervasive AuditMaster alerts can be custom set to watch for precisely this type of activity, as well as a wide range of others, depending on the specific needs of your workplace and policies.

Satisfy Regulation

Nearly all geographies and industries are now or soon will be covered by provacy and security regulations.  This is already true in the United States and the EU.

Pervasive AuditMaster helps with regulatory compliance through enforcing best practices and maintaining detailed audit trials.

Pervasive AuditMaster Features

  • Audits of all Pervasive.SQL data and operations.

  • Queries and reports in real-time or as an audit trial.

  • Alerts customized to your business rules.

  • Point-in-time recovery through transaction undo.

AuditMaster monitors and reports all activity occurring in a Pervasive.SQL database, down to a single byte, no matter the source or the application.

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