Ten Great Reasons To Upgrade or Invest in Pervasive PSQL Summit v11

Pervasive PSQL Summit v11 eases the transition to the next generations of Linux and Windows Server platforms.  With improved performance, expanded SQL syntax, an upgraded install and so much more, here are 10 reasons why you should upgrade to Pervasive PSQL Summit V11 today.

  1. Compatibility - Run your Application on Vista now:
  2. 64-bit Support - PSQL on the latest hardware:
  3. Easier Extreme I/O - Accelerated Database Performance:
  4. Upgraded Install - PSQL Summit V11 is so easy to install:
  5. SQL Syntax Additions - Long Metadata and SQL Compatibility:
  6. Redesigned DDF Builder - Faster with Long Metadata Support:
  7. New Page and Record Compression - Improves Application Performance:
  8. Backward Compatibility - No Rewrites Required for Adoption:
    • 10 years of backward compatibility
    • Compatible file formats back to Btrieve 6.15
    • Seamless migration from prior versions
  1. Improved Security - Permissions on Views and Stored Procedures - Digitally Signed Executables:
    • Greater control and security within your application from improved functionality for controlling permissions for views and stored procedures
    • Digitally signed executables
    • Protect files from unauthorized access and malicious use
  1. Microsoft .NET 2.0 Framework - Improves Performance and Feature Set:
    • .NET and Visual Studio 2005 support
    • Full support for scheme metadata
    • ADO.NET 2.0 compliance

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